BASICS-Herts donation page


Our BASICS doctors anaesthetise patients at the roadside, can provide lifesaving emergency surgery before reaching the hospital and give support and guidance when asked to by the ambulance service. As well as this, they are heavily involved in teaching and training hospital and ambulance personnel.

Here’s just a small example of where your money goes:

At present, the doctors respond in their own vehicles that have been fitted with emergency response lighting and sirens (“Blues and twos”). They work on an entirely voluntary basis and do this role when not on duty in their local hospital.

Our lifesaving work relies on charitable donations – prehospital critical care services in the UK receive ZERO statutory or NHS fundraising. PLEASE help us to keep this vital service operating:

Click the ‘Vehicle Fundraiser‘ link at the top of the page to donate to our current fundraising objective, to enable us to buy a dedicated response vehicle.

Click the ‘Virgin moneygiving’ button on this page and donate directly to our charity account, so we can purchase vital medications and consumable equipment.