What is BASICS Hertfordshire?

Established in 2014, BASICS Hertfordshire (or BASICS-Herts) is a charity which sends trained prehospital doctors to the scenes of serious accidents and medical emergencies.


How is your charity different to the ambulance service?

The charity supports and assists the incredible work done by the East of England Ambulance service. Sometimes patients are too severely injured or unwell to risk being moved without treatment, or have a high risk of getting even more unwell en route to the hospital. Our medical teams provide this treatment and in some cases will also accompany the patient in the ambulance to hospital.


Why should we donate? I thought the NHS was funded by the taxpayers?

Sadly, no prehospital critical care services (and this includes us) in England receive NHS funding.  Without charitable donations, legacies or fundraising we simply can’t do what we do. And the public wouldn’t benefit from the enhanced level of care that we bring.


How do I know that the teams you send can deal with these patients?

All our doctors are experienced at dealing with the sickest of patients. We have worked on air ambulances across the country and each of them has over 10 years experience working in the emergency departments and operating theatres of the NHS.


So how can I donate?

Click here or on the ‘Fundraising’ tab in the black bar at the top of the screen, then click on the Paypal donation button to help contribute to our ongoing running costs – such as drugs, dressings and surgical/anaesthetic equipment.


Are there any particularly costly purchases you are looking to make?

In short, yes. Our current special project is to fundraise to enable us to buy a dedicated emergency response vehicle. If you want to donate to our Crowdfunding Appeal target of £9000, click here or on the ‘Special Project’ tab in the black bar at the top of the screen, then click on our appeal button. We are also happy to hear from businesses who may wish to sponsor us.


I’m not medically trained, but I’d like to get involved. How can I do this?

That’s fantastic! We can’t do any of this vital work without dedicated volunteers helping us to raise money out in the community. Look in the ‘Stay In Touch’ section at the bottom of the page and email us to find out how you can help make us even better!


I’m a paramedic and I’d like to respond for BASICS. How can I do this?

Paramedic recruitment will be announced in the coming months but is dependent on us being able to procure our response vehicle (as per our current special fundraising target), but please do use the links at the bottom of the page or on the ‘Contact Us’ section to get in touch. We have current roles available for specialist paramedics, so  drop us an email if you are an interested CCP/APP. We also suggest you take a look at the ‘Paramedic Mentoring’ section at the top of the page.


How can I let more people know about your charity and the work you do?

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook – the links are at the bottom of all our pages in the ‘Link With Us’ section.