BASICS Hertfordshire provides a vital service to the local community. We’d like to increase the amount of time we have available to help those most unwell and for that we need to expand our team and amount of equipment. With that in mind, please take a minute to read about our current “Special fundraising project.”


We are raising funds to purchase a dedicated response vehicle. This will be a vehicle purchased for the sole and specific aim of enabling a specially trained doctor-paramedic team to work full shifts based in the heart of Hertfordshire, allowing us to respond quicker to emergencies. It will be marked with visible signs advertising its role and will be fitted with storage specific for the carriage of medical equipment. It will also be fitted with emergency blue lighting and a siren, to ensure other road users and pedestrians are aware of its presence when responding to emergencies. Purchasing this vehicle will not only allow us to increase our number of responders, but also the amount of time we are available to help treat patients.


We need your help to raise the £9,000 required to purchase this vehicle and equip it with all the necessary safety markings, lights, sirens and equipment storage.

Please click below to donate. Additionally, if you or someone you know is interested in working with us to enable corporate sponsorship of our intended vehicle, please use the links in the ‘Stay In Touch’ section at the bottom of the page to email us.

Fundraising for a response vehicle